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Action Learning Books

  • Abbott C and Taylor P (2013). Action Learning in Social Work.Learning Matters; Sage Press
  • Abbott C and Boydell T (2011). Development of the Action Learning Facilitator. Action Learning in Practice, 4th Edition. Aldershot: Gower
  • Pedler M and Abbott C (2013). Action Learning Facilitation: a Practitioners Guide. Open University Press
  • Pedler M. (2008) Action Learning for ManagersAldershot: Gower Gower

Action Learning Published Articles

  • Abbott C and Weiss M (2016). Doing Things Differently or Doing Different Things: The Role of Action Learning in Innovation. Action Learning: Research and Practice
  • Abbott C, Burtney L and Wall C (2013). Building Capacity in Action Learning in Social Work.Action Learning: Research and Practice
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  • Abbott C and Mayes C (2013). Action Learning Towards a Learning Organisation in Cornwall Social Services. Action Learning: Research and Practice
  • Bloodworth M (2014). Moving from Opportunism to Expediency when Introducing Action Learning into an Organisation. Action Learning: Research and Practice
  • Pedler M, Abbott C, Brook C & Burgoyne J (2013) ‘Improving social work practice through critically reflective action learning’ Final Report to Skills for Care, Contract Number SLA13-CEN-12002 March
  • Brook C, Pedler M, Abbott C and Burgoyne J (2016). On Stopping Doing Those Things That Are Not Getting Us To Where We Want To Be: Unlearning, Wicked Problems and Critical Action Learning.Human Relations
  • Pedler M and Abbott C (2008). Am I doing it right?Journal for Leadership and Health Services
  • Pedler M & Attwood M (2011) “How can action learning contribute to social capital?” Action Learning Research and Practice 8(1) 27-39
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  • Wang J and Bloodworth M (2015). First Time Facilitators’ Experience : Designing and Facilitating Action Learning in China.Action Learning: Research and Practice
  • Wells C, Animashaun I, Gibb A. (2017) Action learning as an element within an assessed and supported year in employment for newly qualified social workers: a three – role perspectiveAction Learning: Research and Practice


Leadership Books

  • Pedler M, Burgoyne J and Boydell T (2013). A Manager’s Guide to Self-Development (6threvised edition). Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill
  • Pedler M, Burgoyne J and Boydell T (2010). A Manager’s Guide to Leadership (2ndrevised edition). Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill


Leadership Articles

  • Boydell TH (eds) (2014). Organising and Managing Across Boundaries: Special edition of e-O&P. London: Association for Management Education and Development
  • Abbott C . Review of Leadership literature(2001) ILM


Coaching Books

  • Megginson DF and Boydell TH (1979) A Manager’s Guide to Coaching. London: BACIE
  • Pedler MJ and Boydell TH (1999) Managing Yourself (2ndrevised edition).London: Lemos and Crane
  • Pedler MJ and Boydell TH (1985) Self-Development Groups for Managers.Sheffield: Manpower Services Commission


Other books

  • Boydell TH (2015). Facilitation of Adult Development. Adult Development
  • Boydell TH (1993). A Guide to Productivity Through Total Quality Management. Geneva: International Labour Office
  • Boydell TH (1971) A Guide to Identifying Training Needs. London: BACIE/CIPD
  • Boydell TH (1970) A Guide to Job Analysis. London: BACIE/CIPD
  • Boydell TH and Leary M (1996) Identifying Training Needs. London: CIPD
  • Pedler M, Burgoyne J and Boydell T (2000) The Learning Company: A Guide to Sustainable Development (2ndrevised edition). Maidenhead:McGraw-Hill


Other Articles

  • Boydell TH, Herasymowych M and Senko H (2005). Corporate Culture and Organizational Change. Calgary: MHA Institute


Published research reports

  • Abbott C and Boydell T (2009). Professional and Proud – Learning Organisations in the East of England.Cambridge: Skills for Care
  • Pedler M, Abbott C, Burgoyne J and Brook C (2013). Using Critical Action Learning(CAL) to Help Social Workers to Address the Wicked Problems Inherent in their Work.Leeds; Skills for Care