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Action Learning with an Humanitarian Aid Organisation

Background This organisation, has some defining characteristics in the medical field. It is made up of people from all corners of the world who share a common purpose: to save the lives and alleviate the suffering of people in danger by delivering medical care where it is needed most. They deliver humanitarian aid projects – from disaster […]

National Social Work Development Action Learning Facilitation Programme

Background A number of years ago, we developed develop a sustainable resource for employers through training action learning facilitators. Through our published research* into the impact of this programme, we found that many employers now use action learning in the following ways: As part of their ‘support package’ for NQSWs; To enhance supervision and reflective […]

National Healthcare Provider (Austria)

Background On their journey towards excellence, this national healthcare provider for the elderly had reached a stage some years ago they had introduced the EFQM model, the feedback from the assessments, and integrating this comprehensive approach into their strategy and daily operations had helped them take the first steps on to becoming a leading competence […]

Multi-National Company – Action Learning and Innovation

Introduction A multi-national company operating container shipping terminals around the world and part of a larger container shipping and logistics company. The company had tried traditional leadership development programmes and had some strategic challenges from competitors and the market. The CEO and Directors had been introduced to the concept of action learning from a trade […]

Evaluation of impact of action learning on a social worker’s critically reflective practice

We have a partnership with Skills for Care to develop a sustainable resource for social work employers across England through training action learning facilitators, so that they could then use action learning methodologies to support the envelopment of NQSWs during their ASYE.  To achieve this, we designed two new training programmes in Action Learning Facilitation: […]

Leadership in Social Work

Teaching Partnerships are a Government funded initiative  to improve the quality of teaching for social workers and to improve the standards of qualified practitioners. The Teaching Partnership we were contracted with  consists of a partnership between three Local Authority and a University.    In October 2016, the Partnership commissioned us to design and delivery 4 separate CPD leadership […]

Action Learning to support cultural change

A leadership development programme was designed for all Adults Services Senior Social Workers across this UK Local Government Authority. The aim was to build leadership capacity across the organisation so that they could effectively respond to the emerging organisational and professional challenges in the social work environment, including cuts to budgets, joint working with the […]

Action Learning to address market presence

The production facility of an international large transformer manufacturer for electric power supply in Europe was facing increasing competition from countries with lower wage levels. Large customers were migrating to the cheaper competition. Even quality excellence could not compensate for the cheaper priced manufacturers. In the senior team various strategies were discussed. They agreed to set […]

Action Learning to address small scale manufacturing

This case involves an international hardware manufacturing company engaged in the development, manufacture and sale of fittings for doors and windows. The company employs approximately 4,000 people worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in Austria, Germany and sales offices around the world. The company is acknowledged as the world market leader. The key to the success of […]

Action Learning to address staff turnover in the USA

 Luxury Health and Fitness Company which also operates several well-known separate fitness brands with over 135 locations within every major city predominantly across the United States. The  Centre for Action Learning  were commissioned to provide action learning facilitation training to 18 senior managers from across the United States so that they could use the action […]

Leadership in Learning Disability Services

Background A leading not-for-profit social care provider of support to people who have learning disabilities, autism, mental health support needs and their families and carers, which provide support to over 1600 people across London In 2014 the organisation began a new leadership programme to develop management and executive management teams in the organisation. The Centre for […]