Research – Social work in the time of Covid-19

The six-week data collection period for this research study has now closed.  Thank you to everyone who contributed their time to take part and to everyone who has supported our research so far.

As a UK Social Worker, what is your experience during this Covid-19 pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic requires social workers to solve problems, innovate and build resilience like never before. The majority of work is in supporting social work teams so during this very difficult time we want to contribute something back to the profession.  This action research is therefore intended to enable the social work profession and employers to learn and grow from this situation.  Your story needs to be heard.

The Centre for Action Learning invites all social workers across the UK to participate in a study that will document your experiences during the Covid19 crisis.

Each week, practising social workers (including students completing placements) can participate anonymously and confidentially in two ways:

  • Short phone interview

  • Two-minute weekly online survey

Emerging themes and insights will be shared weekly with all participants here on our website.  A final report with an in depth analysis of all data will published and circulated to professionals and employers to help inform future practice in crisis situations.

The more social workers who take part the more impactful our research will be, so please help us by sharing this with other social workers in your network.

Thank you.

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