Each card in this pack has been colour-coded to help you quickly find the information you need under the following 4 categories

  • Background information

  • About Action Learning and its Facilitation

  • Action Learning Methods and Tools

  • Thinking-Feeling-Willing Questions

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Welcome to our new easy to use Action Learning Facilitator’s Pack which we have designed to support your action learning practice. These stand-alone, hand- held cards have been written to accompany the action learning programmes we provide with each card written to give you a quick, at-a-glance guide to the many tools, resources and other information we believe you will find useful while facilitating your action learning sets.

Presented to you in a sturdy durable box, this 28 card pack contains a series of hand-held, stand-alone cards providing you with all the information you need to understand action learning, its methodologies and techniques to help you prepare for and facilitate your action learning sets.

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