The Innovation challenge

The UK Government’s report on innovation* states that innovation has been, and will continue to be a key driver of UK growth and and economic prosperity, accounting for up to 70% of economic growth in the long term. However the failure rate of implementation however is as high as 80 to 90% **


Why use Action Learning?

It is recognised that innovative ideas are often created in isolation by leaders or ‘experts’ but that innovation is most successful when innovative thinking and approaches are embedded into the organisational culture.  Reg Revans, the founder of action learning recognized this as an ‘innovation paradox’.  Action Learning can resolve this paradox by successfully integrating innovation and change in social systems.


How we can support you to innovate

As consultants, we will work closely with you to help clarify your innovation challenge.  By bringing your stakeholders together to collaborate, support and challenge each other, we will discover and implement new ideas to generate value. Through a process of evaluation, critical reflection and organisational learning, innovation culture will be embedded into your organisation.

*Department of Business Innovation and Skills (2014) **Ernst & Young (2015)