‘There is no learning without action and no sober and deliberate action without learning’ – Revans

The best and most powerful learning comes from within, when we unlock new insights and try new things out for ourselves. Our programmes of learning are designed with just the right balance of specialist knowledge-input and guided reflective space to support organisations identify and take action on their workplace challenges and learn from their attempts to change things.

We understand that we all need to lead well, no matter our role, responsibility or job title and as effective leaders we should be known for our clarity of vision, reliability, authenticity, decisiveness, self-awareness and good character. Understanding the importance of developing strong relationships, and taking personal responsibility for our everyday behaviours, actions and interactions is important in developing strong and effective leadership.

All our programmes of learning are therefore designed to enable you to develop leaderful qualities such as these.  Whether your preferred learning pathway is via a registered leadership qualification or a less formal route, we will specifically tailor the learning programme to meet your individual development needs in order to enable you to be the best leader you can be.

Please contact us  so that we can arrange to discuss your specific development needs and find the leadership programme that is right for you.

Our range of programmes and learning opportunities for individuals include:

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‘Some of the most impactful training days I have had in a long while’ – Manager

‘I left the session feeling a sense of ‘freedom’ like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and that I had been given energy, power and permission to look at things in a different way and implement some of the ideas that came from the questions’ – Senior Manager (participant in an ILM Level 5 Certificate programme in Leadership and Management)

‘This programme helped me see myself more as a leader and less as a manager. It has helped me develop skills in a very short space of time’ – Manager (participant on ILM Level 5 Award programme in Leadership and Management)

The benefit of action learning as a technique in leadership development is that it is grounded in reality and based on the day to day challenges that set members face in their practice or organisation.  In this regard, it is perhaps more suitable in helping leaders address the day to day problems they face in their role.  – Head of Learning & Development