Centre For Action Learning & China Society for Action Learning

International Action Learning Facilitator Certificate Programme

1. Professional Action Learning Facilitator (PALF)

2. Senior Action Learning Facilitator (SALF)

3. Master Action Learning Facilitator (MALF)

We believe that an outstanding action learning facilitator should have three roles and six abilities.

Coach – Team learning coach.

  • Discuss the control problem.

  • Promote awareness and reflection.

Designer – Project design consultant

  • Analyse and define requirements.

  • Design and implement projects.

Facilitator – Organisational development facilitator.

  • Promoting organisational transformation.

  • Continuous professional improvement.

Based on above ability modules we have developed the three-level certification of the action learning facilitator as described below

  • Submit an action learning reflective journal workbook.
  • Submit one practice account of multiple-problem action learning group.
  • Complete PALF certification.
  • Submit a four-stage design and implementation case study of a single problem action learning project group.
  • Publish one professional article on action learning in CSAL WeChat official account.
  • Webinar of one project practice case in CSAL.
  • Complete SALF certification.
  • Submit a practical case assignment of a single and multiple problem mixed subject project.
  • Publish two professional articles on action learning in CSAL WeChat official account.
  • Webinar of project practice cases in CSAL.
  • Publish one article in Action Learning: Research & Practice.