Themes and Insights – Social Work in the time of Covid-19

The Covid-19 has presented social care sector with complex and challenging problems to address and that has required social workers to solve problems, innovate and build resilience. At the Centre for Action Learning we believe that it is only by working and collaborating together that will we be able find our way through this crisis.

As the majority of our work is in the support of social work teams, we agreed that we wanted to contribute something back to the profession with a piece of self-funded research which will be published imminently.

You can download a copy of our research report here.

Over a six-week period between 20th April 2020 and 29th May 2020, social workers across the UK were invited to participate in a study to document their experiences during this pandemic.  Our aim has been to understand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UK social work and to use our findings to support the learning and development of social work profession, social work employers, Government and policy makers.   Through our self-funded research we aimed to discover,

  1. How social workers were feeling and how this changed each week.

  2. The impact of the pandemic on practice.

  3. Innovations to develop social work practice.

We asked participants to report how they were feeling each week and the you can view the animated word cloud which maps social workers changing emotions over the six-week period.

Although our final report will focuses on six overall themes that surfaced from all the data we collected, in order to support ongoing reflection and discussion within social teams, we also published a weekly snapshot summaries in our website of the emerging themes and golden thread from the survey and interview data.

You can download these snapshot reports by clicking on the relevant links below

For our Week 1 Snapshot click here

For our Week 2 Snapshot click here

For our Week 3 Snapshot click here

For our Week 4 Snapshot click here

For our Week 5 Snapshot click here

For our Week 6 Snapshot click here

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