Researching Action Learning and Tacit Knowledge with ALNAP

ALNAP is a global network of NGOs, UN agencies, members of the Red Cross/Crescent Movement, donors, academics, networks and consultants dedicated to learning how to improve response to humanitarian crises.  

During the late summer and autumn of 2019 we worked with ALNAP to explore the role action learning could play in supporting the specific learning needs of frontline humanitarian staff.

Together we identified a range of approaches that support practitioners to engage in ‘on the job’ reflection and learning. It also informed the development of an ALNAP resource pack to support learning processes at field level in humanitarian responses.

This resulting paper outlines potential approaches that can be applied to support national and international humanitarian field staff to strengthen their learning processes without placing additional burdens on their time. It also includes a review of approaches to sharing the less explicit and more experience-based knowledge that field staff often develop through their work.

You can download a copy of this paper by clicking the image below

Action Learning and Tacit Knowledge: A mapping of approaches for humanitarian action


ALNAP (Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance) believe that by improving the quality, availability and use of knowledge and evidence from previous responses we can make the system perform better and be more accountable. They do this by facilitating learning between our Network Members, host the largest library of evaluations of humanitarian action, carry out original research and host events and conferences.


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